Cast Lanyard Series Beck Disney Pin Fairies

This Official Disney Cast Lanyard Series pin features Beck from Disney's Fairies Collection.

The Disney Cast Lanyard pin is from the Disneyland Cast Lanyard Series 4 Fairies Collection.

Beck the fairy is featured on a green leaf with her name to the left.

A small Hidden Mickey head icon is visible on the right side of Beck in this Disney Fairy pin.
  • Disney Cast Member Only Lanyard Series Pins 
    are rare and very hard to find. Disney Cast Lanyard pins cannot be purchased and can only be obtained by pin trading with a Disney Cast Member. These Official Disney Cast Lanyard pins are a great addition to any Disney pin collection, to give as a gift, and can also be used for Disney Pin Trading at all participating Walt Disney Resorts and Disney Theme Parks world-wide.
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    This Official Disney pin is in mint condition, with the Disney copyright stamped on the back. Our Quality Control department carefully inspects each item and we offer a money-back guarantee on every item we sell.
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