Disney Cast Lanyard Pin Scrooge McDuck Comic Collection Pin Trader

This Official Disney Cast Lanyard Series pin features from Disney's Scrooge McDuck.

Disneyland Cast Lanyard Series 4 Scrooge McDuck Comic Collection, this is the title pin "Pin Trader" with Scrooge in front of a pile of pins on a table.

A small Hidden Mickey head icon at the bottom identifies this Scrooge McDuck Disney pin as a Disney Cast Lanyard Series pin.

This Scrooge McDuck Cast Member Only Lanyard Disney pin is part of the Disneyland Resort Cast Lanyard Series 4, Collection 12.
  • Disney Cast Member Only Lanyard Series Pins 
    are rare and very hard to find. Disney Cast Lanyard pins cannot be purchased and can only be obtained by pin trading with a Disney Cast Member. These Official Disney Cast Lanyard pins are a great addition to any Disney pin collection, to give as a gift, and can also be used for Disney Pin Trading at all participating Walt Disney Resorts and Disney Theme Parks world-wide.
  • Condition Guarantee 
    This Official Disney pin is in mint condition, with the Disney copyright stamped on the back. Our Quality Control department carefully inspects each item and we offer a money-back guarantee on every item we sell.
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