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We have a limited quantity of Disney Pin Lot clearance pins for pin trading. These Disney Pin Lots sell very quickly and are discounted at 50% or more from their regular prices.

Each Disney Pin Lot will contain 11 randomly selected OFFICIAL DISNEY PINS! Ten Disney pins, plus a free Bonus pin!

You will not receive any duplicate pins in an individual Disney Pin Lot. You may or may not receive pins that are pictured in this photograph. We Guarantee you will receive a Cast Member Only Lanyard Pin in EVERY Disney Pin Lot! Cast Member Only Lanyard Pins are perfect for trading with other guests and pin collectors!

Please look at the additional images to see a sampling of some of our previously created Disney Pin Lots.
  • Disney Pin Lot Pins 

    Our Disney Pin Lots are a great way to save money and stock up on trading pins before your next Disney pin trading event!

    These pins can be traded with ease at all participating Disney Resorts and Disney Theme Parks, Worldwide. All of our pins are made from Hard Enamel or Real Cloisonne and are super easy to trade with Disney Cast Members.

    You will not receive any pins that are manufactured in Europe, as these types of pins can be difficult to trade with Disney Cast Members!
  • Condition 
    These Official Disney pins are in good shape, with the famous Disney copyright on the back of the pin. We receive Disney pins on a regular basis. A small portion of these Disney pins may result in an overstock on some pins in our inventory or our quality control department has detected a small scratch or blemish.

    These pins are perfect for Disney pin trading at any Disney Theme Park or location. You might also decide to add them to your own collection.
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